September 29, 2022

Tips for Grabbing the Crowd’s Attention at a Large Event

Trade shows and conventions are the perfect opportunities for your business to gain exposure and broaden their audience. However, standing out amongst the many booths and kiosks can be difficult. These tips for grabbing the crowd’s attention at a large event will ensure that your business remains at the forefront of every consumer’s mind.

Create an unforgettable experience

The best tip for grabbing the crowd’s attention at a large event is to create a truly unique experience that will stick in their minds for years to come. Today’s consumers are as focused on the shopping experience as they are on the features of a specific item. Building a custom mobile showroom and outfitting it with unique experiences is a great way to draw in crowds at your next event. Consider including photo opportunities or featuring guest speakers. These are great ways to set your company apart from the competition and will encourage guests to spend more time at your location.

Encourage audience engagement

To create an unforgettable shopping experience, you may also want to consider incorporating interactive displays. These interactive displays can come in many forms, including games, giveaways, demonstrations, or quizzes. Regardless of the form these interactive elements take, they will significantly encourage audience engagement and create more opportunities for face-to-face marketing. When consumers engage with a product or have the opportunity to speak with a company professional, they’re more likely to trust the products, services, and company as a whole. This trust will improve the likelihood of purchase and increase the probability that the customer will choose your company again in the future.

Provide prizes

There’s no use in hiding the fact that everyone loves free stuff. Therefore, providing prizes and freebies is a great way to catch the eye of a consumer at a large event. These prizes can range in size and value but in general, try to choose prizes that your consumer will want. Pins and stickers are popular prize items but consumers often forget about them or throw them away soon after receiving them. Instead, opt for prizes that have a practical use, such as lip balms, reusable water bottles, and USB chargers. You could also create an interactive game to encourage audience participation and use these items as prizes.

Incorporate technology

With the prevalence of technology in our society, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t incorporate it into your event display. There are many ways you can incorporate technology—from showy to interactive to practical. Outfitting your showroom with television screens and displaying brief videos or product trailers is a great way to drum up interest in a particular item. You can also incorporate technology in a more practical and subtle manner. Installing smartphone charging ports or offering free Wi-Fi near your display will encourage consumers to stop and stay at your display for a longer period. The longer they stay at your display, the more opportunities you have to interact with them.