Event Vehicle Leasing


Event Vehicle Leasing

Event & Vehicle Leasing

Whether its a single vehicle or an event that you’re looking to lease, EVL has a wide variety of solutions, including many industry exclusives. See below for a listing of Event and Vehicle options along with their features. 

Architect Series

•Patent pending temporary structure –CGS Premier exclusive


• Customize to meet your needs including the layout, shape, façade, and mix of materials


• Pre-engineered for fast launch and set up/strike


• Many options to make it your own including rooftop deck, glass, graphics, or open air


• Integrate technology with our unique extrusion that allows for concealed wire management

EVENTS Structures

•CGS Premier exclusive –our panel system is cost effective and customizable


• Proprietary wall and flooring system configured to your footprint


• Pre-engineered for fast launch, set up and strike


• Soft or hard panel roof systems available

Drop Containers

•CGS Premier exclusive demountable systems with hydraulics and outrigger legs

• 40’, 20’, 8’ or custom to meet your needs without the custom price

• Stages, rooftop decks, awnings, power, kitchens, etc.

• Flatbed trailers or rented box truck chassis for transportation


•Semi, EXT, Drop Trailers, Airstream, gooseneck, bumper pull


• Customize to meet your needs without the custom price


• Great for retail, sampling, PR…create a really unique consumer experience


• Fast and easy to set up, no engineering required as they’re trailers that look like structures.

Trucks & Vans

•Many sizes and shapes depending on your needs or available footprint


• Customize to meet your needs without the custom price


• Health code compliant mobile kitchens


• Open concept displays that invite consumers to interact with the product

Gooseneck Trailers

•They fit between bumper pull and semi trailers, medium/heavy duty weight loads


• Rooftop decks, marquees, EXT style stage/awnings, glass panels, roof LED screens, and more


• Highly customizable to meet your needs


• Storage and generator in the “attic” creates a large, open floor plan


•Step vans, cars, SUV’s, electric bubble cars, coach/RV’s


• We will work with you to create the perfect statement for your program


• Battery power, generator, and shore power options


• We integrate, audio and video systems, technology, AR and VR

Semis & Pick ups

•Tow vehicles ready for immediate launch


• Short term or long term lease options


• We will help you determine the best vehicle for the tour


• New body style trucks that are under warranty


•Fleets of SUV’s, vans, or trucks to cover the entire country at the same time


• We can “bolt-in” displays and AV systems so not to harm the leased vehicle


• Our partner, CGS Premier, will handle the up-fitting and graphic wraps


• We can supply quantities from 1 to 100 or more


Unique Assets


Turn Around


Purchase Mid Lease


Years OF experience

Event Vehicle Leasing