Event Vehicle Leasing


Custom lease options

Vehicle Leasing

Flexible terms available to meet your needs

Save thousands from purchase

Customizable options for leased assets

Many assets already have build outs/generators

Flexible terms available to meet your needs

Everything that is leased can be purchased

Purchase mid lease if you’d like

Over 40 unique assets available

Fast turn around as many are road ready

Patented solutions with DT, EXT, and Architect Series 

About Us

Event or Vehicle Leasing is the best way to go when you want to do more with less or if you don’t have a need to own the asset, especially if the program is short term.  It’s a great way to save thousands of dollars and use those funds to make an even more impactful experience. Assets can be customized along with the lease to meet your needs, short term or long term for a structure or trailer. We have over 40 unique assets in our lease fleet and all are available for 1 month to 3+ years. We can lease new builds, too!

Event Fabrication | Project Management

Our experiential team will manage the build for you. By having us handle the details, you can focus on your business. 

  • Our experienced team has been managing experiential projects since 2007.
  • We manage purchased as well as leased projects.
  • Events or Vehicles
  • One day event, or multi-year tours. 


Event Leasing

Architect Series – Patent pending temporary structure a CGS Premier exclusive
Event Structures – Pre-engineered for fast launch and set up/strike
Structures can be customized to meet your needs including the layout, shape, façade, and mix of materials
Drop Containers – a CGS Premier exclusive demountable event system with hydraulics and outrigger legs

Vehicle Leasing

Trailers – Semi, EXT, Drop Trailers, Airstream, gooseneck, bumper pull
Trucks and Vans – Many sizes and shapes depending on your needs or available footprint
Gooseneck Trailers – Rooftop decks, marquees, EXT style stage/awnings, glass panels, roof LED screens, and more
Semis and Pickups – Tow vehicles ready for immediate launch
Unique Vehicles – Step vans, Cars, SUV’s, Electric Bubble Cars, Coach/RV’s


Unique Assets


Turn Around


Purchase Mid Lease


Years OF experience

Event Vehicle Leasing