April 27, 2022

Tips for Planning a Successful Mobile Marketing Tour

Mobile marketing tours can be incredibly lucrative business strategies for companies across a variety of industries. As with any marketing event, however, they require a significant amount of planning and preparation to be truly successful. In fact, a mobile marketing tour may require more preparation than some other marketing strategies, as more moving parts must work in tandem with one another. These tips for planning a mobile marketing tour will ensure your next marketing campaign goes off without a hitch. 

Promote the event well in advance

The success of most marketing events is based on the number of consumers in attendance and the level of engagement from each consumer. Therefore, promoting your mobile marketing tour well in advance of its kickoff is the best way to ensure ample attendance at all events. Social media can be an extremely helpful tool in this regard, as it allows you to promote your tour and events to a large audience with the simple click of a button. Utilize social media to share important information regarding the marketing tour, including event dates, locations, and times. You can also utilize social media to tease exciting highlights about the events to come. Consider giving followers a behind-the-scenes look at event preparations or exclusive promotional opportunities, such as discounted products or VIP access to the event itself.

Consider longevity, location, and logistics

You can never be too meticulous when planning a mobile marketing tour. Paying close attention to detail will ensure everything goes exactly according to plan during the course of your campaign tour. Consider the length of the tour as well as the locations and events you plan to attend along the way. Try to choose events that cater to your company’s target audience. Certain events are more attractive to consumers within a certain demographic, and choosing the right event will ensure you’re marketing to the right customer every time. You’ll also need to consider the finer logistical points of your mobile marketing tour. Consider the number of staff you’ll need to have on hand at each event as well as the resources you’ll need to provide yourself. For instance, if your custom marketing vehicle utilizes technology in some format, you’ll need to ensure the event location is equipped with Wi-Fi—if it doesn’t, you should have a backup plan.

Encourage engagement

Consumer engagement is one of the most important facets in a mobile marketing campaign. After all, the main goal of most mobile marketing tours is to bring a product or service directly to consumers so that they can engage with it in a highly interactive and personal manner. Therefore, one of the best tips for planning a mobile marketing tour is to encourage consumer engagement during all stages of the marketing tour. As we stated, you can encourage engagement prior to the event through curated social media content and interactive posts. Engage consumers during the event by outfitting the space with various interactive experiences or immersive activities. Remember that consumer engagement shouldn’t end just because the event comes to a close. Continue engaging consumers after the event by sending out follow-up surveys or e-mails to all event attendees thanking them for their participation.